Disease profile

When searching for a disease, in addition to the list of targets associated with it, you will also see at the top of the page the ‘View DISEASE profile'. Click on this link to get disease specific information, outside the context of any associated targets.

In this page, you will find the name, description and synonyms for the disease, the latter two if available in EFO. Scroll down to see detailed information on the disease (e.g. Phenotypes) and the original source of the data (e.g. ChEMBL):

  • Similar diseases (based on targets in common)

  • Drugs: all FDA-approved and marketed drugs to treat the disease from ChEMBL

  • Bibliography: Open Targets Library

  • Classification: based on the relationships of the disease to parents and children within the EFO hierarchy


Head to the Open Targets Platform and start exploring the disease profile of multiple sclerosis.