Getting started

Last updated 8 months ago

The Open Targets Platform is a comprehensive and robust data integration for access and visualisation of drug targets associated with diseases. It brings together multiple types of data to assist users with the identification and prioritisation of drug targets for further investigation.

A drug target can be a protein, protein complex or RNA molecule. It’s displayed by its official gene name from the Human Gene Nomenclature Committee, HGNC. We integrate all the evidence available for a target using Ensembl stable IDs, and describe relationships between diseases by mapping them to Experimental Factor Ontology (EFO) terms.

The Open Targets Platform supports workflows starting from a target or disease, and shows the available evidence for target – disease associations. Target and disease profile pages showing specific information for both target (e.g. RNA and protein baseline expression) and disease (e.g. Disease Classification) are also available.

Check our YouTube channel for a series of quick demos, webinars, tutorials to get you started with our Open Targets Platform.