Getting started

The Open Targets Platform supports workflows starting from a target or disease to assist drug discovery scientists in the identification and prioritisation of drug targets. The Platform provides:

  • Target–disease associations and underlying evidence

  • Target annotations (e.g. RNA and protein baseline expression)

  • Disease annotations (e.g. Disease Classification)

A drug target can be a protein, protein complex or RNA molecule. It is displayed by its official gene name from the Human Gene Nomenclature Committee, HGNC. We integrate all evidence available for a target using Ensembl stable IDs, and describe relationships between diseases by mapping them to Experimental Factor Ontology (EFO) terms.

Check our YouTube channel for a series of quick demos, webinars, tutorials to get you started with the Open Targets Platform.

The Open Targets Platform is a comprehensive and robust data integration for access and visualisation of drug targets associated with diseases. Please cite our latest paper Open Targets Platform: new developments and updates two years on if you use this resource.